Liraz Engineering

Established in 1995, Liraz Handasa Ltd. is an engineering company that imports and distributes mechanical transport and lifting equipment, while providing the service and engineering support to those products in Israel.

Liraz carefully chooses the products it imports, and concentrates in importing only very high quality products, made by leading manufacturers worldwide. Liraz emphasizes its excellent service that includes consulting, tailoring of solutions and definition of requirements, all the way through assistance in field installation and continuing maintenance.

The Liraz team consists of well trained experienced engineers and technicians, as well as knowledgeable marketing and sales people, providing on site personal service all over the country.
We are proud to have most of the leading companies in Israel as our customers. These customers are in almost every industry, such as the drinks, dairy, food, construction and chemistry industries. Among them are the Dead Sea Works Rotem Dshanim, Machteshim Agan, Elit, Osem, Coca-Cola, Teva, Tnuva and many more.

Liraz Handasa imports a wide variety of mechanical transport and lifting equipment and specializes in consulting and service related to those products.

Among other, Liraz imports electric motors, gears, electronic and mechanical speed reducers, miniature gear-motors, and plastic as well as wire belts for the food industry.

Liraz enjoys excellent ongoing working relations with the companies it represents, which facilitates a communication channel among everyone involved in the work process. The Liraz team members undergo training and periodical updating sessions at the manufacturing sites, and our knowledge as well as service quality are therefore very high.

Liraz represents the following companies:
A German company, SEW-Eurodrive is the largest motor-gear manufacturer in the world, producing gears that vary between 10NM and 1,000,000 NM, single and triple phase brake-motors, synchronous and asynchronous motors, frequency inverters for all types of motors, variators, parallel and angled shaft gears, and planetary gears.

SEW Eurodrive is a parallel name for quality and reliability worldwide. SEW Eurodrive employs sophisticated manufacturing and quality control facilities, resulting in continuous improvement of its products. Headquartered in Germany, SEW-Eurodrive has assembly plants and distribution worldwide.

A German Company, Martens produces steal wire-belt products for conveyors, specializing in the food industry, electronic industry, and others.
Martens also makes Polyurethane belts, as well as PVC, Silicon and Teflon, and other materials required in the food industry, such as bakeries, meet processing plants, etc.


A German company producing linear electrical actuators Screw-jacks and special gear boxed for transmission of torque and lifting.


A company that manufactures miniature gear-motors of very high quality, over a wide range of speed and power from 9-740 watts and output speed of 0.6rpm-430rpm


Liraz Lifting Devices

Liraz imports a wide variety of lifting equipment and specializes in providing consultation and service for them. Liraz maintains considerable stock of those products that includes:
B: Electric Trolleys
C: Hand Chain Hoists
D: Push Trolleys
E: Geared Trolleys
A German company, STAHL CRANE SYSTEMS manufactures Electric Chain Hoists & Electric Wire Rope Hoists as well as explosion proof- EX Chain Hoists & Wire Rope its capacity from 125 Kg to 100Tons. It also manufactures Cranes & Crane components.
A: Electric Chain Hoists
Liraz employs a team of experienced engineers and technicians, with over 30 years of experience in the field.
Liraz Lifting Devices represents the following companies:

iso 9001

Liraz Handasa Ltd. quality managment system is in compliance with the requirements of the standard: ISO 9001:2008.